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Sect. 1) At no time will the consumption of alcoholic beverages be permitted at games or practices.

Sect. 2) Any parent/guardian/adult that attends a practice or game in an inebriated state, will be subject to removal from said practice or game.

Sect. 3) Physical abuse of any type will not be tolerated, under any conditions.

Sect. 4) No Parent/guardian/adult will verbally abuse any child, another parent, spectator or coach, at any CYFA functions.

Sect. 5) Parents/guardians/adults, will conduct themselves will conduct themselves in a mature respectful manner at all CYFA functions.

Sect. 6) If a parent has a problem with a coach.

a. Parents should never interfere with the coaches during practices or game. If a parent does interfere with a coach during a
practice or game, The Athletic Director will schedule a appointment with that parent, coaching staff, AD and five board
members that are not related to the problem. From there the AD and the five board members will determine the outcome
of the problem.

b. Parents will not use for any reason, profanity or abusive language to a coach or a referee during a game. If the Athletic
Director or coaching staff feels that a parent steps over these codes there will be a meeting set up between the parent, coach,
coaching staff, the Athletic Director and five board members that are not related to the problem. From there the Athletic
Director and the five board members will determine the outcome of the problem.

Violations of the above code will result in disciplinary action by the CYFA Board.

c. Disciplinary actions are as follows:

If a parent breaks any of the code of conduct and is brought in for a meeting with the Athletic Director and five other board members for evaluation of the incidence. If they feel that disciplinary actions should take place they will first evaluate the Seriousness of the incidence and then enforce the degrees of discipline, ranging from a Warning or other actions as determined, up to and including suspension or expulsion From the CYFA organization.

Conshy Bears
The mission of the CYFA is to provide a youth program to benefits all participants, girls and boys by teaching good sportsmanship, leadership. teamwork and self-discipline through football and cheerleading.

Parents are as valuable as the athletes. Our parents, coaches and Board Members should strive to make the game fun for all participants. Coaches and parents must keep in mind the ages of the participants, for they are the future and will need to instill the same teaching into the future generations.

Finally, it has been said "Championships are earned not given.. What are you doing to earn one?" This reflects parents as well as our young men and women. C.Y.F.A