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Conshohocken Golden Bears

Conshy Bears FREE Workouts are on for this Sunday (June 23, 2019) from 11 AM to 1 PM! See you then!

Congratulations to the Undefeated Flag Conshy Bears! 2018 UNDEFEATED League Champions! Great work Coach Kyle and Staff! The Future is Now! #GOBEARSGO

Congratulations to the 2019 Conshy Bears Board of Directors:

Mike Mikalonis- President

Julian McFadden- Vice President

Mark Benjamin- Athletic Director

John Leszczynski- Equipment Manager

Kate McFadden- Secretary

Rob Grate- KSL Representative

Melissa Lafredo- Snack Stand Coordinator

Tamara Benjamin- Cheerleading Coordinator

James Webb- Member at Large

Mark Chesky- Member at Large

Home of 2016/2017 Back to Back 90 LB American Champion Conshy Bears!



Come out and support the #1 Youth Organization around! Conshohocken is a title town, bringing home 3 titles for the 2015 season and Back to

Back Titles for the 2016/ 2017 season!

Let's keep the trophies where they belong!

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Conshy Bears
The mission of the CYFA is to provide a youth program to benefits all participants, girls and boys by teaching good sportsmanship, leadership. teamwork and self-discipline through football and cheerleading.

Parents are as valuable as the athletes. Our parents, coaches and Board Members should strive to make the game fun for all participants. Coaches and parents must keep in mind the ages of the participants, for they are the future and will need to instill the same teaching into the future generations.

Finally, it has been said "Championships are earned not given.. What are you doing to earn one?" This reflects parents as well as our young men and women. C.Y.F.A
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