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History of Conshy Football

The Founding of the Conshohocken "Midgets"
The Conshohocken "Midgets" or Golden Bears were founded in 1961. At that time the Golden Bears were part of the Pop Warner league. The first year saw Conshohocken field two teams. There were 52 players and 20 cheerleaders. The 52 players were split into a 110 lb. Team and a 90 lb. Team.

In 1962, the Golden Bears won their first ever championship by defeating the Dedham Dynamos from Massachusetts in the Pop Warner Iron Bowl at the A-Field in Conshohocken.

In 1967, the Conshohocken Golden Bears joined the Keystone State League (KSL), which they are still part of to this day. At the time of the move to the KSL, the Golden Bears had 175 boys playing on 7 different weight class teams.

In 1972, the 115 lb. Golden Bears went undefeated. They went on to win the Burt Bell Bowl, which at the time was played indoors at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

The mid 1980's saw the Consy Bears once again win KSL championships. In the late 1980's the Bears moved into the Pop Warner league again briefly, but just long enough to win the local championship and go on to play in the Pop
Warner National Champioships in Florida.

In the early 1990's the Bears moved back to KSL, the Conshohocken Golden Bears had over 200 players on 7 weight Class Teams with cheerleaders for all seven teams. The Equipment Building and snack stand were constructed on the B-Field. In the later 1990's enrollment had dropped again and the organization then came under the current leadership.

Since the change in leadership, the Golden Bears now field 7 teams in different weight classes with cheering teams for all the weight classes.

In 2015, the 75 lb. team, 90 lb., and the 105lb team won the KSL championship for their weight class, bringing a new era of Championship Football to Conshohocken.

To this day, Conshohocken has posted more combined victories than any organization in KSL history.

Have you ever wondered where the name "Golden Bears" came from?
Thousands of players and cheerleaders have been part of the history of the Conshohocken Golden Bears Midget football Organization. Have you ever wondered why the Midget team is named the Golden Bears and why we wear blue, white, and yellow as our colors?

The name Golden Bears actually was the name of the old Conshohocken High School. Conshohocken High School’s football team was known as the Golden Bears. The Golden Bears played many football games at the A-Field in Conshohocken. Many people do not even realize that there was a Conshohocken High School. It officially closed its doors in 1966. The Conshohocken High School Golden Bears football teams, cheerleaders, and band all wore the blue, white and yellow which our players still wear to this day.

The Golden Bears of Conshohocken High School’s greatest games were played against in town rival St. Matt’s High School. St. Matt’s High School moved and was renamed to Archbishop Kennedy in 1966. At that time, with Conshohocken High School being closed and most students moving to Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, Kennedy was the only high school football played in Conshohocken. Kennedy played at the A-Field until 1993 when they merged and the high school moved to its current location and became Kennedy-Kendrick.

Conshohocken High School Golden Bears and St. Matt’s played an in town game every Thanksgiving morning at the A-Field in Conshohocken. At the time of Conshohocken High Schools closing, St. Matt’s lead the series with 11 wins to Conshohocken High’s 6 wins. The teams also tied 3 times. The Thanksgiving game was packed each year with thousands of spectators, cheerleaders, and each school’s marching bands, which would march up Fayette St. right into the front gates of the A-Field.

So the next time some asks you where the name Golden Bears came from, make sure to tell them about old Conshohocken High School.
Conshy Bears
The mission of the CYFA is to provide a youth program to benefits all participants, girls and boys by teaching good sportsmanship, leadership. teamwork and self-discipline through football and cheerleading.

Parents are as valuable as the athletes. Our parents, coaches and Board Members should strive to make the game fun for all participants. Coaches and parents must keep in mind the ages of the participants, for they are the future and will need to instill the same teaching into the future generations.

Finally, it has been said "Championships are earned not given.. What are you doing to earn one?" This reflects parents as well as our young men and women. C.Y.F.A