USA Football


Sect. 1) All Coaches are subject to the "Coaches Code of Conduct".

Sect. 2) All coaching applications will be submitted to the Athletic Director and Cheerleader Director.

Sect. 3) All coaches and coaching positions will be approved by the Board.

Sect. 4) All coaches will be directly supervised by the athletic and cheerleader directors.

Sect. 5) All head coaches must attend all business meetings between the months of July and November.
If a head coach is unable to attend a meeting, he must appoint someone to represent him/her and his/her team.

Sect. 6) All assistant coaches must attend at least (5) meetings during the regular season.

Sect. 7) All head coaches for football or cheerleading must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
(Exceptions will be at the approval of the Board.)

Sect. 8) All coaches must obey the four play rule which reads:
Each player must play at least two (2) plays per half, excluding special teams. All head coaches will be responsible for this rule. If these rules are not followed the punishment will be as follows:
a. 1st time a warning
b. 2nd time 1 game suspension
c. 3rd time suspended for the year


Sect. 1) At no time will the consumption of alcoholic beverages be permitted at games or practices.

Sect. 2) Any coach that reports to practice or games in an inebriated state, will be subject to disciplinary action. This action will be determined by the Board.

Sect. 3) Physical abuse of any type will not be tolerated, under any conditions.

Sect. 4) NO Coach will verbally abuse any child, parent, spectator or another coach, at anytime. (Games, practices, etc..)

Sect. 5) Coaches will conduct themselves in a mature respectful manner at all times. (Violations of the above code will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of coaching responsibilities.)

Conshy Bears
The mission of the CYFA is to provide a youth program to benefits all participants, girls and boys by teaching good sportsmanship, leadership. teamwork and self-discipline through football and cheerleading.

Parents are as valuable as the athletes. Our parents, coaches and Board Members should strive to make the game fun for all participants. Coaches and parents must keep in mind the ages of the participants, for they are the future and will need to instill the same teaching into the future generations.

Finally, it has been said "Championships are earned not given.. What are you doing to earn one?" This reflects parents as well as our young men and women. C.Y.F.A